This website is an online parallel and enhancement to the onsite exhibition When Rochester Was Royal: Professional Basketball in Rochester 1945-1957. The website and exhibition were created by students and faculty in the RIT Museum Studies Program. The exhibition is on view March 29-April 22, 2016. Please join us for a reception on Thursday, April 22 as we celebrate 65 years to the day that the Rochester Royals took the NBA crown!

In keeping with the desire of the Museum Studies Program at RIT to provide opportunities for further learning and connection with other disciplines, the exhibition will be supported by the creation of digital ancillaries by museum studies students. As Juilee Decker, associate professor of museum studies noted, “a cornerstone of our museum studies program is working at the intersection of theory and praxis. Students in my courses are reading about visitor engagement and coming to understand how the space of the museum can be a platform for content as well as conversation. They apply what they are reading to their design and execution of exhibition content and ancillaries.” Kelli Spampinato, a third-year museum studies major who is part of the team developing this exhibition added, “Working on this project has helped me to understand all of the steps of creating and executing an exhibition. Projects like this help take the theory we have learned in this class and others and make it practical. Doing work in class that will actually be put to use for the public has made me feel as though my education has come full circle.”

A reception will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016—65 years to the day from when the Royals captured the NBA crown. Visit the exhibition website for more information:

This exhibition is the fourth in the series of Exhibitions Across the Curriculum, following Mobilizing America: Fighting WWI on the Homefront and the Battlefront (spring 2014), Resistance, Rebellion, and Renewal in Rochester: Narratives of Progress & Poverty (spring 2015); and Kate Gleason, Visionary: A Tribute on Her 150th Birthday (fall 2015).